TFC Rehearsal Studios

1. PA equipped rehearsal room (12'x17' size rooms) $13 per hour (20'X40' large room) $16 per hour
2. Equipment storage closets  (5'x5') $60 monthly rental
3. Drum and guitar/bass equipment rental (see list below for equipment pricing)
4. PA Rentals for offsite gigs (see list below for pricing)
5. Small music retail store (In case you need picks, strings, drum 
sticks, etc.)
6. Drinks and snacks for purchase (Sodas, water, juice, crackers, 
cookies, chips, etc.)
7. TFC Records and distro will feature albums and CDs by TFC Records 
as well as vinyl and CD reissues of classic hardcore and punk titles 
in addition to newly released garage, straightedge, crust,punk and 
indie rock titles from around the world.