Twenty First Century Records (TFC) was started in 1989 in Corpus
Christi, Texas as a small underground punk label. We released the 
debut Krayons 7 inch EP that year. Twenty one years later, the label
has more than 20 titles to its credit with plans to continue releasing
DIY rock by motivated, talented acts in the future. With more than 25
years of performance and recording experience, the members of TFC
Records have decided to launch a full-service rehearsal space
operation to serve local and national acts in their hometown. TFC plans to
provide climate-controlled, soundproof rooms for all genres of music.
At TFC Rehearsal Studios, bands can practice at full volume without
the worry of disturbing neighbors. We look forward to starting this
new venture in Corpus and, with your support, we will be here to serve 
your practice space needs for a long time to come.