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Beginning in April, TFC Records will expand into a rehearsal space studio to serve bands in the Corpus Christi area. Roger Guerrero, the founder of the long-running punk label has been working on the project for several years now. In February, he found a spot on the city's south side that seemed to be ideal and so here we are.

The location is 5802-D Wooldridge Ste. #2, near Staples in between Holly and Saratoga. TFC Rehearsal Space will initially offer three 12x17 foot rooms with practice PAs and equipment closet rentals to store your band gear.

Eventually, TFC will grow to include two additional 12x17 foot practice rooms and one 20x20 foot live room, suitable for large-budget projects. Keep in mind that you will rehearse in a climate-controlled, secured rehearsal facility; your mom's garage this ain't!

In addition to space for your band to rehearse without fear of noise complaints, TFC Rehearsal Space will also rent gear in case your amp goes on the fritz or your crash ride is thrashed. There will also be plenty of replacement supplies in case you forget a wire or your picks, break a stick or need a battery,

And because TFC began life as a DIY record label, the entire TFC catalog will be available as well as plenty of killer underground punk/garage/hardcore/etc. titles you can't find anywhere else in the city. Distros and mailorder outlets are encouraged to get in touch ASAP. 

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